I wanted to pop on here quickly and let everyone know that I do already have autoimmune issues due to having Lupus and (as I have to do every cold/flu season) I will be really limiting my contact with others. Just more so then usual this year. No offense but I'm just not that into seeing anyone right now as getting the Covid19 virus could be really dreadful for someone with my health considerations. I also don't want to catch a cold or get the flu as just those are really hard for me to recover from. 

I did go out and do some stocking up on supplies...no I didn't buy up all the toilet paper but I did buy a reasonable amount of food.  I like to stay pretty stocked up as a normal practice so getting some extra wasn't a big deal for me.  I got out and got my running around done before this big rush on the grocery stores started because I knew it was going to get crazy out there.

Truth be told, I never mind staying in and being left to my own devices. I have a craft room and basement full of craft supplies and tons of inspiration and projects on the go that keep me happily entertained. I have a huge collection of interesting books, movies, streaming services, a dog, a cat, a husband and 3 online businesses that fill my days. All 3 of my businesses run fully online so keeping myself to myself is pretty normal for me and I'm probably not going to notice any difference or disruption to my income.

I hope everyone stays healthy, sane and happy during these trying times. I will continue to be available for mentoring anyone who would like to make the jump to working online - the link for our free virtual workshop is https://www.tinajordan.ca/

I'm still available to help anyone who would like to look into nutritional rebalancing using the system I use to maintain my own and my family's health and wellbeing. I can't help that I have autoimmune issues but I can help myself feel the best I can.  https://saigefyre.isagenix.com/en-CA

And last but never least I'm still here creating away because a day without me making something is just wasted time. I have recently completed a big ton of projects and will be photographing them and updating my shop in the upcoming weeks https://www.saigefyre.com/

Take care and thanks for following along

Tina Jordan