Some pictures from around my shop and pieces in progress

Some exciting new colours coming for my next update. Pima cotton is honestly the most amazing cotton yarn I've ever worked with

Another batch of my eco friendly, 100% wool dryer balls. This is them before I've felted them.

One of my new lines of pima cotton, washcloths. You're going to love these! Softest cotton I've ever knit with. Amazing washcloths

Sometimes, I admit to knitting by the is good!

Sometimes, I like to knit with rope. This is a hand knitted, rope rug. I really got a workout making it!

Chunky knit goodness

A batch of knit infinity scarves

I have a whole big batch of these pet blankets that will be part of my next shop update

Some orders heading out to their new homes!!

Infinity scarf in progress

Another chunky knit scarf waiting for it's photo shoot

One of my baby blankets waiting to be wrapped up before it was shipped out

One of my scarves waiting to be listed

Macrame plant hanger for some pretty air plants hanging out with some crystals

A batch of happy rainbow dishcloths

One of my 100% cotton washcloths/dishcloths in the works.

Yarn prep for a big blanket. I like to have everything measured out and wound into tidy yarn cakes before I start knitting

one of my super cozy large chunky blankets. This one will be a part of my upcoming shop update. Those needles are huge! My arms sure got a workout making this one!

I was working on a large wholesale order, so decided to keep my yarn super handy on my new "yarn wall"

These are from my new line of reusable makeup removers/face scrubbies. I am so in love with the colours this high quality 100% cotton yarn comes in

Scrubby washcloths and 100% cotton washcloths

Some of my new scrubby washcloths that will be part of my shop update later this month

More colour choices for my new scrubby washcloths/dishcloths. I have been having fun knitting with all the fun colours this yarn comes in

Neutrals for a big batch of scrubby washcloths/dishcloths I've been working on. Stay tuned, I have a huge shop update coming later this month! I've been happily knitting away a new line of washcloths

I'm working on a new patchwork baby quilt in these beautiful pastels. These blankets take quite a bit of time to knit up all the squares, then are hand sewn together. Stay tuned! Hoping to have it finished in the next few weeks.

Some of my pieces, available in an artisan shop locally

Yarn delivery days are my fav days of all! I love diving into a brand new box of yarn

A stack of chunky knit blankets I finished for Christmas time

My new product tags

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